1150D Automatic Label Dispenser


1150D Automatic Label Dispenser

( P/N: W00724 )

● Model:  1150D
● MOQ:  1 set


  1. Use label separator, label clean, pollution-free, damage-free, wrinkle-free, reduce people and increase efficiency to ensure production quality.
    2. Change the traditional way of work, reduce the adverse effects of human factors, electronic control, automatic induction exercise make, quickly separate stickers, improve the sticking effect, Reduce the difficulty of work;
    3.Suitable for fast separation and pasting of self-adhesive labels, barcode, anti-counterfeiting, stamping stickers, insulating mats,packaging trademarks, toy stickers,  production dates and printed patterns .
    4.Automatic counting 0-999999, automatic rewinding device for bottom paper, easy to replace and automatic production management.
    5. Simple operation, multi-user.
Model 1150D
Label Width 5 – 140 mm
Label Length 10-150 mm
Max Outer Dia. 250 mm
Inner dia. 25-75mm
Speed 1-8 m/min
Dimensions 210(W) x 220(H) x 210 (L)




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